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England 1 Germany 4: match report

England - England 1 Germany 4: match report
Down and out: England's players react following Thomas Muller's goal for Germany in their 4-1 defeat in Bloemfontein Photo:
Capello’s players had a good quarter of an hour, but anyone can be famous for 15 minutes. Germany enjoyed a masterful 75, scoring four times and ripping England to little red ribbons on four or five other occasions.
Capello’s defence were a collection of hesitant strangers, his midfield painfully less than the sum of their celebrated parts and the attack anonymous.
England lacked heart, shape and, particularly, a holding midfielder with the expertise of Owen Hargreaves to stand in the way of German breakaways, to pick up Bastian Schweinsteiger when he charged so menacingly upfield, to get tight to Mesut Özil when the No 8 pulled the strings.
Gareth Barry’s attempts to tame Özil resembled an ageing nightwatchman trying to keep pace with an elusive urchin.
England can play 1966 in reverse all they like, lamenting the ball over the line, bemoaning the blind fates and berating the officials. Clearly goal-line technology needs to be brought in now that the second decade of the 21st century is being traversed.
Yet video evidence of most of this game would simply highlight the fact that the contenders for man of the match included Thomas Müller (the sponsors’ winner), Schweinsteiger, Sami Khedira, Miroslav Klose and Özil before an Englishman, probably Lampard for his attacking work, could legitimately be mentioned.
It had begun in familiar fashion, in the sturm und drang of a sporting conflict between England and Germany. Duels broke out all over the park: Philipp Lahm versus Steven Gerrard, Müller against Ashley Cole, Barry versus Özil, and the Germans soon began edging them.
Özil embodied German confidence, demanding an early save from David James. Schweinsteiger underlined their belief with a neat drag-back to whisk the ball around Jermain Defoe. After all the Germans’ oft-expressed fears about Schweinsteiger’s hamstring, here he was in imperious form. They should rename Bloemfontein the City of Ruses. England defiance flowed mainly from the stands, with Rule Britannia drowning out the vuvuzelas.
Briefly. England had been hoping to silence Franz Beckenbauer for his comments about kick and rush. Those who maintain Der Kaiser’s proud tradition conjured up a goal that was more kick and Ian Rush. Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer hoofed the ball long, Matthew Upson faltered and Klose flicked the ball past the slow-reacting James.
England had some hope, Defoe heading against the crossbar but wrongly judged to be offside, before Germany’s gem of a second. Özil laid the ball right to Klose, who placed it into the path of Müller. Having raced into the box, Müller lifted the ball across to the unmarked Lukas Podolski, who fired an emphatic shot between James’s legs.
Two-nil down, staring at humiliation, England dragged up enough character to respond when Upson made amends by heading in Steven Gerrard’s cross. Controversy then ensued, Lampard’s strike hitting the bar, bouncing over the line and spinning out.
England fans were up on their feet, celebrating. So was a jubilant Capello. Somehow the linesman, Mauricio Espinosa, did not see it. Somehow the referee Jorge Larrionda did not spot it. England were enraged. The Free State Stadium reverberated to chants of “cheat, cheat’’ and “the referee’s a ******’’.
As Larrionda blew for half-time, England players followed the fans’ lead and voiced their fury. Rooney remonstrated with Espinosa. Defoe confronted Larrionda, who walked off to catcalls, and was ambushed by David Beckham near the tunnel.
England stirred briefly at the start of the second period. Lampard drilled one free kick against the bar and another into the wall. As this second effort spilt loose, as England cursed their ill-luck, Germany went through the gears.
Jerome Boateng’s touch was key, the defender quickly transferring the ball to Müller, who whipped it left to Schweinsteiger and took off as if testing a new sports car on the autobahn. Schweinsteiger hurtled down the right, soon sliding the ball back across for Müller to ram the ball in off James’s left fist.
England continued to erect their own scaffold. Joe Cole’s cross was picked off, Özil raced away from Barry and centred for Müller to apply the coup de grace.
England went out in undignified fashion. John Terry screamed invective at the German bench. Joe Cole caught Boateng.
As the final whistle went and the shadows stretched across Bloemfontein, England began another retreat from another World Cup and the years of hurt stretched to 44.

World Cup 2010: Germany realised England were there for the taking after six minutes

Miroslav Klose probably did not mean to rub it in. Indeed, he seemed the model of modesty the day after helping Germany expose once again the fraudulent conceit of English international footballing prowess. 

World Cup 2010: Germany realised England were done for after six minutes, says Miroslav Klose
Leading the line: Miroslav Klose made a mockery of England's defence Photo: EPA
Yet with one brutal observation, he particularly wounded.
"We were talking together before as a team and thought that the famous '40 years of hurt' could come into play here, that this England team could be the one that at last ended that wait," he said. "Yet we realised after six or seven minutes that 'no, they're not really up to it' and 'we can beat them'."
and outfighting Matthew Upson, could not help but paint a damning comparison between his side, blending exhilarating youth with old pro nous, and an outfit of 11 disparate, redshirted individuals.
"If you look at the names, one against one, you'd have to consider England as stronger than us. On paper, they were more renowned, more famous, but that didn't translate into their performance.
"England have fantastic players. In the dressing room, we asked ourselves 'is this England team better than their Premier League teams?' Simple answer, yes. Look at their players; they're world class, that's the long and short of it. Yet the key thing is presenting yourself as a team and I don't think England did."
It was also, he felt, down to a self-belief which has imprinted itself on German World Cup sides for nearly three generations.
From where did this confidence emanate, he was asked. "Good question," he shrugged. "It's down to a certain quality we know we possess. You see it every day in training, the importance of being a true team. This is what helped us take the winds out of England's sails."
This repetition of the theme only rammed home the comparison. Klose was the perfect team man in Bloemfontein, a selfless leader of the line who seemed to be freed from his miserable season's labours as soon as he donned his national shirt for the 99th time, while so many of England's players appeared to find the weight of the red shirt utterly oppressive.
"Well, I think my real strength is being able to focus when it really counts," he said. Quite. Here is a man with, say, not a tenth of Wayne Rooney's natural ability but, like his team-mates, is seemingly able to make much more of his talents at major championships.
So, read Klose's amazing goal scoring statistics and then do a double take.
Fifty goals from 99 internationals - only Gerd Muller (68 from 62 internationals) and GDR's Joachim Streich (55 from 98) have netted more for Germany - and now 12 goals in World Cups to equal Pele. Muller? Pele? Klose is the first to find it unreal to be bracketed with such grandees.
But while he accepts this could be his last World Cup - "As far as my legs carry me, I'll try to carry on playing football but I'm very impulsive and wouldn't put it past myself in two or three weeks time to just step aside and give room for new players" - he has an ominous message for those hoping to see the gulf between German and English teams reduced.
"We've a lot of young players who've just come through the youth ranks but just playing here gives them a wealth of experience on their CV and these guys could all be active, the backbone of the team, in eight years time. That would be a great result for Germany." And, potentially, another wretched one for England.

World Cup 2010: Klose: We Had England Beaten After Six Minutes

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Mirrorfootball :    Miroslav Klose has blasted England for not being a “true team”.

The veteran striker says Germany knew Fabio Capello’s men were there for the beating after just seven minutes of their clash on Sunday.

And Klose says England look great on a team sheet, but never live up to their reputations when the pressure is on for their nation.

He said: “Look at players in that England team, they’re world class, that’s the long and short of it.

“But the key thing is presenting yourself as a team and I don’t think that was the case with England.

“We thought that the famous 40 years of hurt could come into play here. That England could have been the team that at last ended that wait.

“Yet we realised after 6 or 7 mins that they’re not really up to it and we can beat them.”

Klose has 50 goals in 99 caps - his World Cup finals total is 12, the same as Pele - and he’ll lead the line against Argentina at the weekend.

But he feels it is Germany’s ability to play as a team - sadly lacking in England’s case - which sees them still in the tournament while England head home.

Klose added: “Germany keep pulling through because of a certain quality we know we have. You see it every day in training.

“It’s crucial to present yourself as a true team. This is what helped take the wind out of England’s sails. We played as a team and they didn’t seem to.

“Look at the names, one against one, and you have to consider Arg as the strongest side for the weekend. That’s true against England too. On paper they were more renowned, more famous but that didn’t translate to their performance on the pitch.

“We’re just a compact unit. It’s proved we’re a tournament team, one which gels as the tournament goes on.

“I don’t know whether my experience adds anything to this England debate. But they have fantastic payers. At the beginning and in the dressing room, we asked ourselves: ‘Is this England team better than their Preemier league teams?’ Simple answer, yes.”

But Klose has backed English calls for video technology to be introduced to determine whether the ball has crossed the line.

Klose said: “If technical solutions are there, they should be used. TV evidence is another thing altogether, but a chip inside the ball or a goal-line light beam barrier would make sense. It’s visible in tennis and other sports so why not football.”

World Cup 2010: England home – but where next for Fabio Capello?

Football Association says it will need 'a few weeks' to decide whether coach will keep his job

England's players leave Rustenburg
The England squad leaving their Rustenburg base yesterday. The FA will decide on Fabio Capello’s future in a fortnight’s time. Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters
An England manager is superman in reverse. He goes in dressed as a saviour and comes out like a tired accountant. Fabio Capello, whose whole career has been an exercise in power, was rendered powerless by English indecision as the Football Association announced it would need "a few weeks" to decide whether he would keep his job after Sunday's humiliating World Cup loss to Germany.
No longer the master of his own fate, Capello must wait for an FA mandarin to tell him whether he will retain the thankless task of restoring the country's faith in a shattered team. "I cried like a baby last night," said one South African security worker at England's luxury compound near Rustenburg as another expensively assembled circus was packed away before the squad's overnight flight home. They are due to arrive back at Heathrow early this morning.
The locals are sorry to see them go, but many England fans will be unhappy to see Capello stay after the country's heaviest World Cup defeat: a 4-1 victory for a Germany side bursting with intelligence and energy. Faced with the deepest identity crisis since the 1970s, when England twice failed to qualify for World Cups, the FA took the bold step of going back to London to have a good think about it.
Capello, who blamed the referee for not seeing that Frank Lampard's second-half effort had landed over the goal line – and the gruelling domestic season for delivering his men to South Africa "tired" – seemed diminished by the job. The cool retro Alf Ramsey-era tracksuit was replaced by a more sober navy blue number as he submitted to the obligatory inquisition from a media army who had driven seven hours north from Bloemfontein scenting Italian blood.
As football's real superpowers honed in on the quarter-finals (and German technical supremacy was held up as an indictment of English woodenness) Capello fiddled with the zip on his tracksuit top as he confirmed: "I spoke this morning with Sir Dave Richards [the chairman of Club England, with overall responsibility for the team] about this two years that I worked with the FA.
"They appreciated my work and what all my staff had done. He told me that he has to take two weeks to make the decision."
In a dire campaign Capello slipped from unchallengeable field marshal to potential castoff waiting by a phone. Dangling man is not his favoured pose.
The FA's Adrian Bevington emphasised that Capello's "two weeks" was likely to stretch to longer. With the ignominy of that delay may come a flounce from Capello's side, which would leave only a tussle between lawyers over the £12m he is entitled to in a contract that still has two years to run.
Richards is also the chairman of the Premier League, the empire of debt that is often blamed for placing the needs of the richest clubs ahead of the national interest. This obvious anomaly is one of the many obstacles to reform.
The main one remains a dearth of gifted young players to replace the ones who have been failing for the past 10 years.
"Look, I received a lot of offers to be a manager at other clubs [before the tournament]," Capello said. "When I spoke with Lord Triesman [the former chairman] I decided to stay here because I like being England manager and also I will accept whatever the FA decides. Yes, I have the appetite. I understand one thing which is really important and why England did not win before.
"I think, not only Wayne Rooney, but all the English players arrived really tired at this competition. I spoke with the coaches and all the coaches told me that the physical situation and the mental situation of the players was not like that of the players we know."
This diagnosis has cost the FA over £6m a year in salaries for five Italian experts, and for Capello there is the indignity of spinning out in the second round while his predecessor but one, the celeb-loving Sven-Goran Eriksson, took them to three tournament quarter-finals.
Was he content with the FA's "common sense" (their words) decision to dodge a decision? "Yes, I think it's an intelligent answer," Capello said.
It felt more like a requiem.

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malam bersama search

 malam bersama search

minggu ni merupakan minggu yang paling sibuk bagi aku untuk tahun 2010. apa taknya dah la aku kena bertugas untuk kejohanan ragbi MSSM di Kota Bharu bermula 06 hingga 12 Jun 2010 tapi aku terpaksa balik awal. petang khamis 10hb aku dah bertolak balik ke kg di kuala terengganu sebab esoknya aku ade kelas OUM.. itu semua taklah mendatangkan apa2 debaran pon sebenarnya tapi yang paling aku teruja adalah malam 11hb tu iaitu malam bersama Search bertempat di Ri-Yaz Resort Heritage & Spa.
Aku tak nak terlepas lagi kali ni. dahla konsert Double Trouble kt mount Kiara ngn Jb aku terlepas jadi kali ni walau macam mana pon aku akan hadir juga..
kul 8.00 malam aku dah terpacak kat Riyaz bersama member2 aku dan sepupu2 aku. dalam kul 8 lbh aku nak masuk pastu pihak define suruh kita orang isi borang pulak tapi tu semua tak mendatangkan masalah pada ku janji aku dpt bersama search....pastu kita orang berbaris untuk masuk sambil pihak define bagi cenderahati kat pengunjung termasuk aku la best jgk huhuhu kami semua di periksa ketat oleh sekuriti yang bertugas di pintu masuk..bila aku masuk je fuuhhhhh penuh tuuu org kat dalam memang happening gila la masa tu..dalam kul 9 lbh kumpulan MUH membuka tirai malam tu.. adalah beberapa lagu yang diaorang nyanyikan pastu Hujan pula mengambil tempat..crowd dah bising panggil nama search...lepas nyanyi 2 3 lagu Noh hujan tanya kat crowd "korang nk tgk search tak? NAAAAAKKKK!!!!!  gempak gila masa tu tp dengan selamba noh cakap sabar sbb kita nak nyanyi mungkin dalam 3 lagu lagi kot blh kan..errmmm mengeluh lagi aku dibuatnye sbb dalam kepala aku masa tu takde menda lain dah "SEARCH"...
lepas je hujan abis aku tgk crowd dah mula bersesak2 ke depan termasuk la aku..malam tu aku cukup berpuas hati dengan persembahan search lagi pon setahu aku search tak pernah gagal dalam persembahan live mereka itulah yang membuatkan aku begitu salute kat diorang...opening malam tu dibuka dengan Gothik Malam Edan fuuuhhh bergegar dewan dalam duk terloncat2 terkinja2 tu aku terperasan kat belakang aku ada sorang makcik sedang kusyuk tgk search wow kagum aku satu keluarga tu dia datang suami dgn anak2 sekali wa tabik la lu makcik hehehe ( aku sempat amik gambar makcik rock tu)...bukan setakat makcik dan pakcik saje tp pelbagai peringkat umur dan bangsa serta agama..ada yang tua, muda, remaja, melayu cina dan india "SEARCH MENYATUKAN KITA SEMUA"
dalam duk tengah layan show tu terlintas di fikiran aku mengapa sekarang ni ade segelintir fans yang mengkritik (tp bagi aku lebih kepada memperkecilkan je) persembahan search terutama Kid...jadi malam tu aku dengan penuh khusyuk mendengar dan menghayati setiap lagu yang dibawa oleh search malam tu..kat mana silapnya kid? aku tertanya2 sbb bg aku kid adalah salah sorang gitaris terbaik di negara kita kenapa nak dibanding2kan setiap orang gitaris tu, diorg ada feel masing2 skil masing2 dan trademark masing2 kenapa nak dibanding2 kan juga aduuussss pening kepala den...bagi aku kid cukup hebat sambil dibantu oleh abangnya din permainan gitar kid semakin mengancam..
bagi aku malam tu semua individu search memainkan peranan yg cukup hebat dan berjaya dipersembahkan dengan cukup terbilang sekali
* paling frust mlm ni bila tak dpt bersama SEARCH
ni antara set list yang sempat aku ingat yang dimainkan oleh search malam tu

1. Gothik Malam Edan
2. Balada Pemuzik Jalanan
3. Setelah Hujan
4. Melastik Ke Bintang... See More
5. Fenomena
6. Gadisku
7. Tiada Lagi
8. Isi dan Kulit
9. Sweet Child O Mine
10. Rozana
11. Kejora
12. Isabella
13. Pelesit Kota
14. Cakap Memang Murah
15. Pawana
16. Emmanuelle

video tak cantik cameraman amatur ni